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    The PSM Basketball Academy has been developed to train and advance your basketball skills from the beginning foundation with two of the area’s best basketball trainers, Tyler Palmer and Jamal Howell. The academy structure will provide additional individual at-home training programs and skill development assessments to track player development over the duration of the program.

    These 60-minute sessions will improve player skills by increasing time on task, creating game-speed repetitions, improving basketball decision-making skills, and providing competitive opportunities for all players in a small group setting.

    Director Name: Tyler Palmer
    Director Phone: 260-571-9596

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    Gym Rats Basketball

    Gym Rats Basketball is a for-profit youth basketball organization founded in 1994 with the purpose of providing an organized structure for youths to compete in basketball at all levels of skill. Gym Rats believes that many life lessons are learned through competitive basketball and strives to ensure that personal values are learned and mutual respect is earned so that energies are transformed from teamwork on the court today to positive contributions in society tomorrow.

    Director Name: Gym Rats Basketball
    Director Phone: 260-471-5270


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    Always 100 Basketball

    Always 100 basketball is designed to challenge and achieves athletic excellence which in turn fosters self confidence, leadership, and personal growth. The Always 100 motto is to give 100% at all times and the focus is to help kids remain active and productive — keeping them focused on positivity, not negativity.

    Manager: Vernard Hollins

    Phone: 260.267.5776