Get an edge on your competition!


The PSM Performance Edge program is a high-intensity, personalized performance training program built to help athletes reach the next level in their sport. It’s a way for you to take a step up in your training and gain an edge over your competition.

Training will focus on the speed, agility, flexibility, and power needed to play your sport at the next level. Sport-specific skill training is essential, but so is athletic development. The better athlete you become, the more you can maximize your skills.

The details:

  • $750/year
  • Annual training program with flexible schedules
  • Training locations at the SportONE/Parkview Fieldhouse or Empowered Sports Club
  • For athletes 12 and older

The Edge program starts with a conversation: a one-on-one discussion with our performance specialists where we can discuss your schedule, your long-term goals, and how we can help you reach them. Our specialists will put you through a performance assessment and injury risk assessment, then sit down with you to personally create an annual training plan.